Bring your Puppet to Life

  • Use provided sample videos to animate your Puppet or record your own
  • Prank your friends with funny videos featuring yourfavorite characters
  • “Put your words in their mouths” – literally! – and watch them say what you’ve always wanted to hear
  • Post to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Send to your Grandma

Happy Birthday Card • Memes • Favorite Song • Ultimate Lipsink

How Does it Work?


1. Select a Puppet Driver Video

Choose a “Driver” Video from our Collection or record your own straight from your phone Camera


2. Select a Puppet Image

Use any photo from your phone library or download one from the Internet


3. Create your very own Puppet

Choose one or two ways to create the Puppet: Render on your own phone for
short videos, or try our PRO features for longer / higher quality videos

How to Get Best Result

  • Look directly to your camera and don’t turn your head while recording a drive-video
  • Move your lips like a professional singer
  • Use a full-face picture
  • If you want to puppet a cartoon character, make sure that it has visible lips

What People Say

Josh M

Cupertino, CA

First time I tried this app - in 5 minutes I made the funniest video-card for my girlfriend. Super easy!


I totally fooled my friends making them believe I can sing in Italian... Had fun making the video and even more sharing it on Instagram!

Tasha K

Austin, TX